About Us

Welcome to Tinker Spark: A Hub of finely curated STEM, Robotics, Engineering, DIY, and Maker-centric content. We publish articles and news based targeted at educating, and spreading the passion of STEM. 

Our articles are paired with short 'tech minute' videos that explain a concept to beginners in a short time. For further, and deeper understanding, you can read the full article we publish on the matter  


Lastly, we also specialize in online robotics courses. Tinker Spark was orignally founded in teaching robotics to beginners in an approachable, and easy to understand manner. We have compiled our best teaching methods 

Meet the Founder

Saral Tayal started his journey in the maker movement at the age of 12, is enrolled to study engineering in Carnegie Mellon University.

His achievements include being the Grand Prize winner in Amazon’s worldwide voice activated challenge for his Smart Mirror Project. His Maker blog where he publishes his best projects has nearly a quarter million views. He has been published as a featured maker in UK-Based Hack-Space Magazine and has been also featured by Intel, ZaoBao Newspaper, Autodesk, Vulcan Post, Yahoo!, Hackaday, and Instructables. He has also judge robotics on national television (SYAA) and often talks in events such as IOTAsia, Campus Party etc.

Sharing his passion for learning has been an integral part of Saral’s making journey. At the age of 14, Saral joined XPC: one of Singapore’s first Makerspaces sponsored by Home-Fix. Here he helped design the electronics fab lab and mentor and guide fellow builders and students with their projects in the makerspace. Working With XPC, he helped organize Maker’s Block event, one of Singapore’s first Makerspaces. This was the first time he had the opportunity to reach out to a large audience and spread the concept of the maker movement. Here he held an intro to soldering and recycled cardboard f1 car building workshops while giving talks on 3D printing and what it means to be a maker. After his work with XPC, he was invited to intern with Qwikfab: a niche 3D printing startup in Singapore that built custom 3D printers for clients such as NUS, RedHat Linux, and A-Star. Here he was a key member in the design team that built their flagship 3D printer: The Beast 2.0 printer. With QwikFab, he participated in his second maker faire in Singapore where he showcased the advantages of rapid prototyping and 3D printing to a mass audience. Saral also has work and internship experience with AIG on media creation, Imran Repair in repairing consumer electronics such as laptops and cellphones. He has also worked with the Liter of Light initiative in India to install solar street lamps in areas without electricity, he has worked with government agencies on city wide cleaning protocols in India, and helped build a primary school for dunda village in India.

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